Bliss & Nyitray is committed to providing an environment that fosters professional growth and personal development.  We have created a culture and a dynamic workplace that promotes sharing of ideas, collaboration and mutual growth. And yet, management is consistently aiming to improve.

Our firm takes pride in the quality of work we provide and the spirit of cooperation and professionalism that prevails among our staff. First and foremost we are a TEAM! We play together, we BBQ together, we run together and most importantly we work together.

BNI is able to secure interesting, complex projects many consider the domain of larger firms, where our young engineers get to work in meaningful ways on these projects.

Training and Development

bniacademyWe believe the best way to grow our business is to grow our people. BNI Academy, our in-house training program, offers a well balanced menu of training opportunities to keep everyone informed and abreast of the best practices in our field.

BNI Academy is a flexible program, which addresses the various knowledge needs throughout the career path. Coursework includes technical classes, designed to assist young graduates in their pursuit of licensing as well as courses for those in advanced positions, focusing on knowledge in business development, financial performance, and service.
Topics offered fall into four major categories:

  • Foundation – the things everyone needs to know, such as company policy and procedures, expected conduct or communication skills.
  • Technical – job specific skills and knowledge like design standards, drafting methods or new modeling techniques.
  • Management – human interaction, personal conduct, sales skills and financial savvy.
  • Leadership – organizational management; advanced marketing and business development; human resource development; personal development.

Formats include lunch-and-learns, seminars, on-the-job training, self-study and online training among others.

The mission of BNI Academy is to encourage lifelong learning and intellectual growth, and to provide an education rich in both theory and practical experience. The courses are designed to help employees develop and enhance the skills needed to advance in their careers and to contribute to BNI’s success.

Employment Opportunities

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Bliss & Nyitray often has positions open in one or more of our offices. We encourage you to tour the rest of our website. If you believe you are a good fit, email your resume to