Building value
For over 50 years, Bliss & Nyitray has worked hand in hand with our architectural partners to create structures that are as pleasurable to use as they are to look at. We understand that the structural logic of a form is not simply a mathematical solution but a reflection of the architect’s inspiration and vision. Our engineers bring more than technical expertise to a project. They bring open minds and the creativity to apply their expertise in new and imaginative ways.

Bliss & Nyitray has a reputation for innovation, communication, competence and a knack for making the complex simple. Our credentials are apparent in the variety and uniqueness of the projects included in our portfolio.

Experts with a broad focus
True, our engineers live and breathe structural engineering and they are ready and willing to discuss the pros and cons of the newest approaches with anyone willing to listen. But when it comes to building design, our engineers look at the bigger picture: the overall success of the project. That means asking questions. Lots of questions, like: How will beams and columns affect plumbing, painting and partitions? Will the contractor be able to find multiple skilled firms to construct the frame? Which design will provide the most flexibility for future changes?

Looking out for all our customers, from owner to contractor, is how Bliss & Nyitray delivers true value to any project.