Threshold / Special Inspections

Bliss & Nyitray is a firm believer in quality control and for us it is a practice, not an idea. Our quality control is centered around three concepts:

  1. The quality of the staff that perform the inspections,
  2. The thoroughness of our inspections, and
  3. The oversight of our Threshold Inspector of his representatives.

It is our philosophy that rigorous structural inspection is indispensable to today’s sophisticated design and construction methods.

No matter the firm’s quality control procedures, it cannot perform quality services unless the individuals
performing the inspections have the proper education, inspection experience and design experience to properly synthesize the myriad of conditions they encounter during an inspection. All of our inspectors are either Florida registered professional engineers or graduates of universities with an accredited Civil Engineering program and have passed the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) test. All of our inspectors have significant design experience.

Our inspections are extremely thorough. We arrive at the inspection prepared. Our preparation consists of review of the inspection plan requirements for the elements being inspected and a thorough review of the structural documents and shop drawings of the members being inspected. Finally, when appropriate our preparation includes conversations with the structural engineer of record to obtain any necessary clarifications or explanations. Quality inspections can only take place when someone is armed with all of the necessary information and has the education, and the inspections and design experience to synthesize it.

The involvement of the Registered Threshold Inspector throughout the process is key to the quality of our inspections. The Registered Threshold Inspector will be on site as required to fully understand the nature of the construction, the progress and sequence of the construction, the structural documents and shop drawings, and to monitor the quality of the inspections and reports being made by his authorized representatives. ERROR: There is no book with ID