Structural Design

More than just its basic components; structural design involves aesthetics, long-term maintenance and repair, safety, as well as how the structures integrates within the surrounding environment.

Special Inspections

Our quality control is centered around the quality of the staff that perform the inspections, the thoroughness and oversight of our Threshold Inspector of his representatives.

Condition Assessments

We serve as an extension of our customers’ resources, providing a thorough and cost-effective analysis of building conditions and assisting in prioritizing projects to meets our customers’ requirements.

Peer Review

Peer reviews boost confidence in existing designs and detect serious errors early in the design and construction phase. We rely on extensive experience with the design of new structures, rehabilitation of existing structures, and previous failure investigations to provide objective peer reviews.

Expert Witness Testimony

Bliss & Nyitray investigates structural failures to determine its cause and may give testimony regarding the soundness of a structural design and whether the engineer conformed to accepted standards of care.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is used to solve problems, identify and eliminate unwanted costs, while improving function and quality of each project.

Feasibility Studies

Concept feasibility works seamlessly when decisions are made at the onset of a project. Our experience enables us to use both historical information and analytical experience to get the answers owners and design teams require.

Our Services

BNI is singularly focused on providing outstanding structural engineering services to our clientele. For over 60 years, Bliss & Nyitray has worked hand in hand with our architectural partners to create structures that are as pleasurable to use as they are to look at. We understand that the structural logic of a form is not simply a mathematical solution but a reflection of the architect’s inspiration and vision. Our engineers bring more than technical expertise to a project. They bring open minds and the creativity to apply their expertise in new and imaginative ways.

Bliss & Nyitray has a reputation for innovation, communication, competence and a knack for making the complex simple. Our credentials are apparent in the variety and uniqueness of the projects included in our portfolio.